What happens with the time remaining on my account when I upgrade/downgrade?

Your account expiry will be prorated based on your new subscription price.

  • We calculate the amount of time remaining on your account and then calculate a remaining dollar value based on your old monthly rate.
  • We then take that dollar amount, calculate how many days that is worth for your new package pricing.
  • We then adjust your expiry so it expires in that many days.
  • Once your new expiry date is hit, you will be billed based on your new plan details.

(This example uses even numbers, and assumes each month has the same amount of days to make it simpler, the actual calculations are calculated out into remaining days, not months)

Current package: $240 for 1 year. ($20 a month)
Remaining time: Exactly 2 months.
Remaining credit: $40.00
New package: $60 for 6 months. ($10 a month)

In the above example, we have $40 remaining in credits. The monthly amount of your new package is $10, so we will adjust your expiry so it expires in 4 months. Once that expiry is hit, your new plan will be charged $60, and your expiry adjusted forward 6 months.