Can I use my own hostname?

Yes, you have two options:

  • You can use a custom hostname based on one of our pre-configured domains with SSL.
  • You can use your own private domain without SSL or purchase your own SSL cert.

Custom Preconfigured Hostnames:

Please see the FAQ:

Your Own Domain:

  • First login to your account
  • Then view your servers
  • Find the "hostname" setting for your server.
  • Then you can create a CNAME with your DNS hosting provider to point to that hostname.
  • Contact your DNS hosting provider if you need help setting up a CNAME

Note: We recommend that you use a CNAME instead of pointing to the IP address directly.

Example: CNAME

Please note:

If you do this you will receive a warning that the SSL certificate does not match. This is completely normal and does not make your server any less secure. What it means is that the hostname you connected to ( does not match the hostname of the installed certificate (*  The certificate and the encryption is still used and it is still just as secure. If this issue is important to you, you can also purchase a SSL certificate for your hostname and install it by following these instructions: